What is the Humboldt County Appellation of Origin Baseline Study?

The Humboldt County Cannabis Appellations Baseline Study encompasses Humboldt County and will result in the description and mapping of potentially unique Humboldt County appellation regions based on biophysical and geographic characteristics of current and historic cannabis cultivation areas. The project will install scientific equipment that will uniformly collect climate data, elevation, and temperature on select farms throughout the county. Additional research elements include soil and water testing and mapped biophysical features.


The primary objective of the Humboldt County Cannabis Appellations Baseline study is to provide an increased aptitude and preparedness for the County's cannabis cultivators to compile data and file for legal recognition under the statewide CalCannabis Appellations Project. It is our hope that all existing and future cannabis license holders will benefit from this effort, as appellations of origin have a vast potential to stimulate tourism in Humboldt County, which can provide an economic boom to the area.


The Farms and Geographical Regions

Weather Station Installation

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